Strangers #1


Author: Various

Strangers #1 is a comics zine but its not for the powdered wig set. Not only does this have no engagement with fancy-pants intellectual comics, it has no engagement with small press or alternative comics at all. Instead this comic is focused on the idiocyntratic corners of dollar bins and older, ostensibly mainstream comics. The two artists on the front cover: Don Lomax and Paul Kirchner center the edtitor's taste pretty accurately. One thing that really caught my eye is that Don Lomax says that when he was pitching one-panel comic ideas to Hustler, Dwaine Tinsley would occassionally steal his ideas and use them in his own strips. And in fact one of the Chester Molester strips that was admitted into court for Dwaine Tinsley's incest trial was an idea that Dwaine had stolen without credit from Don Lomax. I never heard that story before and I wish I knew what idea it was he stole.