Mr. Incompleto Josh Bayer


Author: Josh Bayer

When superhero sagas bore deep into the mind, they blend in with the surrounding grey matter and transmute what they find there, turning it to their own, ultimately unknowable ends. Mr. Incompleto is a highly idiosyncratic (and that's putting mildly) take on comics space opera. This 48 page black and white comics magazine contains a furious pen & ink foray into the history of comics that ferries the spirit of Fletcher Hanks in the vessel of 1970's era Guardians of the Galaxy™ adventures (NOT the team of the recent film). And, while the narrative is very involved with time travel and its related paradoxes, the actual creation of this work is very much a work of time travel as it is currently practiced by our species, in which the "travel" involves immersing the mind in the past by employing a melange of memory and preserved cultural artifacts, in this case old comic books and classic reprint collections thereof. And then there is the iconography of the character of Mr. Incompleto himself, a hooded figure with a cigar-chomping face for a body, and a swinging crucifix that is permanently aloft, suggesting roots in Christianity, Freudian psychology and, naturally, comics itself, as the clenched-jaw chomping on a cigar is a classic visual trope. So, in a nutshell then, Mr. Incompleto is a comic book that is best approached with a dual frame of mind to simultaneously follow the progress of the narrative and decipher the embedded codes.