Further Adv of Nick Wilson #2 (of 5) Cover B Churchill


Author: Eddie Gorodetsky
Artist: Steve Sadowski
Cover Artist: Ian Churchill
Publisher: Image Comics

When the world's only superhero Nick Wilson lost his superpowers, his arch nemesis Clive Morganfield had to settle for merely being a billionaire industrialist. It didn't sit well with his ego, so when Nick reemerges on the scene, Clive approaches him with a bizarre business proposition that raises a number of questions: Can enemies be partners? Can you build a future on the ashes of the past? And what secrets of the universe are held inside the grooves of a jug-band record from the 1920s? 'In the NICK WILSON stories, EDDIE GORODETSKY has created the superhero that probably lurks within each of us: flawed beneath a thin disguise of skin and wrestling with a legend that was pressed upon us all.'-ELVIS COSTELLO