A Year of Marvels Unbeatable #1


Author: Chad Bowers
Artist: Brian Level
Cover Artist: Jamal Campbell
Publisher: Marvel Comics

It's August, and Nick Fury is just in time to attend Japan's Bon Festival but he's not here to celebrate. Not when an illegal weapons auction is about to begin! From Chad Bowers & Chris Sims (X-MEN '92) and Brian Level! And in September, TIPPY-TOE is flying SOLO (until Squirrel Girl is done studying)! But when a villain threatens Central Park, she's gotta call in the big guns. Enormous guns, relatively speaking (because Tippy and ROCKET RACCOON are small)! It's the team-up - written by Nilah Magruder (M.F.K.) - you would have demanded if you knew your worth! You're wonderful, and you deserve beautiful things! Rated T+