How To Draw Black People Malik Shabazz


Author: Malik Shabazz
Publisher: Art of Malik Shabazz

How to Draw Black people is an interactive learning tool for artists looking to improve their understanding of Black culture and design methods for Black characters. Learn how to take a cultural approach to character design and navigate the mores of Black culture. Build Black characters from the ground up, while avoiding tired and hurtful cliches. How to Draw Black People shows artists new techniques for rendering dark skin, drawing Afrocentric faces, and breaking through gender norms. With a digital component that includes brushes made specifically for African hair types and a library of sample files to practice on, How to Draw Black People is an essential resource for improving Black character designs in all media formats. Step by step tutorials and challenging activities centered on Black hair, skin tone, facial anatomy and so much more. How to Draw Black People fills a void that is missing in art instruction by realigning character design with culture, instead of tropes.